Heart Disease

What’s holding up the cure for heart disease?

Heart muscle that a heart attack has injured cannot regenerate. There is some evidence that aggressively managing high blood pressure and high cholesterol can help postpone or perhaps prevent a heart attack. However, if a heart attack happens and the heart muscle dies, those cells cannot be replaced.

Similarly, if a heart valve gets hard and calcified, it is impossible to regain its elasticity, and it has to be fixed or replaced.

Is heart disease treatable?

We may not be able to cure cardiac disease, but we can make it better. The majority of cardiac diseases are now fairly curable.

There is some evidence that decreasing cholesterol to extremely low levels and lowering blood pressure to normal levels can help to partially repair plaque buildup in the coronary arteries. They won’t fully vanish, but they’ll get smaller enough to make a difference.

We can open arteries to prevent individuals from dying from coronary artery disease. Diseased valves can be repaired or replaced. When the heart fails due to injury to the muscle, we can either employ a mechanical assist device to help the heart pump more powerfully or perform a heart transplant.

These interventions do not cure the condition, but they help people recover and live long, productive lives.

How far have we come in terms of avoiding heart disease?

In illness prevention, some of the most exciting advancements have been accomplished.

We’ve learned a lot about the risk factors for coronary artery disease and may suggest lifestyle modifications and drugs to help reduce the risk. We have great medicines to help persons with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol avoid coronary artery disease.

Do you believe that CAD will ever be cured?

Although research into stem cell treatment for cardiac muscle regeneration is intriguing, it is not yet ready for prime time. New medications are lowering LDL cholesterol levels, but the capacity to remove plaques is still a long way off.

Before we find a treatment for CAD, I believe we will grow better at avoiding it. This is critical since the greatest CAD is the one you never create.